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TBE #058: Self-Regulation Tools to Empower Kids to Breathe and Relax with Nicola Harvey, Part 1
TBE #057: How to Apply the Law of Attraction and Confirmation Bias to Improve Your Life
TBE #056: The Law of Attraction and Confirmation Bias
TBE #055: Focusing on Student Needs before Academics with Jen Kreitz
TBE #054: Understanding Beliefs and how to Change them
TBE #053: Coping with Anxiety as a Family with Melissa Russell
TBE #052: 5 Things you can do when you’re Feeling Anxious
TBE #051: Q&A – On Intrinsic Motivation and Handling Others’ Negativity
TBE #050: Equanimity, Self-Compassion and Mindfulness with Tamara Hackett
TBE #049: Using the Past to Inform the Future – Reflecting on 2018!

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