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What is Educalme Classroom and is it right for me?

Do you want to share mindfulness with your students this year?

Mindfulness is a skill, much like reading and writing, and is developed over time. In order to see progress in student’s ability to read, it is important to teach them and guide them in their practice every day. The same is true for mindfulness. In order to see progress in a child’s or adult’s ability to be self-aware, self-regulate, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, improve focus and attention and therefore support learning and memory, it is important to practice mindfulness daily.


We’re answering all your questions to help you decide if Educalme Classroom is the right mindfulness program for you and your students.


What is Educalme Classroom?


Educalme Classroom is a ready-to-use, year-long online mindfulness program that teaches students in grades K-12 and their teachers mindfulness skills to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve wellbeing in and out of the classroom.


All Educalme Classroom curriculum is offered in both English and French. When you enroll, you have access to all materials in both languages.


The Educalme Classroom program is developed by teachers who use this program in their own classrooms.


Educalme Classroom makes it incredibly easy for you to practice mindfulness daily with your students, no training or prep required. Just log in and go.

Online Bilingual Classroom Mindfulness Program for Students and Teachers


How do you use Educalme Classroom?


The Educalme Classroom core practice involves listening to the daily 5-minute guided mindfulness practices. These practices give students and educators the opportunity to settle into their day and prepare their mind for learning while teaching them tools and concrete strategies for self-regulation.


The Educalme Classroom optional activities for deepening the mindfulness practice and connecting it to specific curricular learning outcomes include lesson plans to guide the teacher in facilitating discussions, student reflection workbooks, mindfulness activities, projects, posters and more.

Educalme Classroom is organized in modules with 5 lessons each. Each module is meant to be repeated for at least one month. Grades K-3 will benefit from repeating lesson 1 for one week before moving onto lesson 2 in the module. Older grades can follow the same structure or choose to do lesson 1 on Monday, lesson 2 on Tuesday and so on. Each module teaches mindfulness through the lens of a specific theme.


Module 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

Module 2: Mindfulness and the 5 Senses

Module 3: Mindfulness and Emotions

Module 4: Self-Awareness and Emotions

Module 5: Gratitude

Module 6: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Part 1

Module 7: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Part 2

Module 8: Kindness and Compassion

Module 9: Mindful Movement

Module 10: Positive Self-Talk


The Educalme Classroom bonus guided mindfulness practices are 5-minute practices for mindful transition times and returning to calm to prepare for learning.

Here is what the program looks like when you log in:

Educalme Classroom Log in View

Then you choose your language. And you will see the curriculum content divided into the “How to use your subscription” section, the “Mindfulness Curriculum” section and the bonus “A variety of guided mindfulness practices” section.

Educalme Classroom

Once you choose a module, you will see all the lessons and materials for that module. When you choose Module 1: Introduction to Mindfulness this is what you see:

Educalme Classroom


Is Educalme Classroom right for me?


Educalme Classroom is perfect for teachers that want a structured, easy-to-follow mindfulness program created specifically for the classroom for sharing mindfulness with their students.


You do not have to have any mindfulness training to use Educalme Classroom. All the lessons are created for you so that you can learn along with your students. We provide all the information you need to have success with this practice in your classroom.


We recommend that this practice be a core part of your classroom routine and that the core guided mindfulness practices be done every day (or as close as possible) and treated as just-as-important as any other subject that you would teach in your classroom.


Teachers that see awesome transformations in their students schedule their Educalme Classroom practice into their timetable, The daily practice teaches students and educators skills that they will then bring into their day to improve their wellbeing.


Educalme Classroom is appropriate for grades K-12. In the core guided mindfulness recordings, we use language that is simple and understandable for the younger grades without being juvenile. Our intention is that students and teachers alike practice and benefit daily. The optional activities for connecting the practice to the curriculum are offered in multiple versions for lower grades and higher grades.


Educalme Classroom is also a great resource for support staff that work with students one-on-one. Doing a guided mindfulness practice at the beginning of your time together can help your session go smoothly and productively.


How do I access the Educalme Classroom curriculum once I’m enrolled?


Educalme Classroom is an online program that can be accessed from any device that connects to the internet. Simply log in and you have access to the entire curriculum for as long as you are enrolled. Lessons can be repeated and used as many times as you would like.


How do I enroll and what is the investment?


Educalme Classroom is a subscription. You can choose an annual or a monthly renewal and you have full access to all the lessons and resources, as many times as you want to use them for the duration of your membership. You can choose to renew or not at the end of your subscription period.


The yearly subscription is $250 CAD/year and the monthly subscription is $25/month.


Go to to enroll.


What are the payment options?


You can pay online with a credit card. When you pay this way, you gain instant access to Educalme Classroom.


If your school does not have a way to process this kind of payment, email us at to let us know and we can send an invoice. With this kind of payment, you gain access to Educalme Classroom once the invoice is paid in full.

Do you offer School Licenses?


If you would like to implement Educalme Classroom as a divisional or school-wide program, contact us by email at for information on group enrollments to streamline the payment and process.


Can I get a demonstration/training on how to use Educalme Classroom?


Yes! Simply email requesting a demo and we will set up a video meeting with you and/or your team.


What if I enroll and I’m not completely satisfied with the program?


We are so sure that you are going to find so much value in the Educalme Classroom program that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


If you are not happy with the program, contact us and we will refund the purchase.


Are teachers having success with your program?


Yes! Here are some testimonials from teachers, students and parents about the Educalme Classroom program.


“Educalme Classroom is a tool that I didn’t know I needed until I started using it. Now, I’m so happy I have it! It is so easy to understand and to use and I don’t have to do any preparation to share mindfulness with my students. In addition, I benefit from the guided practices as much as my students! It gives me a few minutes of calm every day and I am learning with my students.


I see a huge difference in my students since using the Educalme Classroom program, they now have the tools to manage their own emotions and reactions in difficult moments that cause them stress or anxiety and they now have the vocabulary to express themselves.” – Janelle, Grade 2 teacher


“I just want to express my gratitude for [Educalme Classroom] being included in the class. [Student] has been regularly leading her sister and me in guided mindfulness exercises. They are very useful stress management tools. Thank you for choosing to do this.” – Parent of a grade 4 student


“I like Educalme because it helps me be calm. When we do Educalme I feel happy.” – Grade 2 student


“After our mindfulness practice, my brain feels light and fluffy”. -Grade 4 student


What if I still have questions?

Email us at and we will be happy to answer your questions!


Online Bilingual Classroom Mindfulness Program for Students and Teachers Click here to enroll in Educalme Classroom.

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