Get ready for calm and focused learning.

Educalme Classroom gives you a full year of ready-to-use audio, video and printable mindfulness lessons for the K-12 classroom. No prep required!

Educalme Classroom prepares students’ brains and bodies for learning

What you get in Educalme Classroom

Log in to your member area & get everything you need to easily
practice mindfulness with your K-12 students.

The Core Practice

Schedule Educalme Classroom into your daily routine.

Listen to 2 or 5 minute audio recordings daily to prepare your students for calm and focused learning.

No need to facilitate. You get to participate

Lesson Plans & Printables

Dive deeper into social-emotional learning.

Link the core practice to your regular K-12 teaching curriculum with inclusive activities, projects, discussion topics and more. No prep required.

Educalme Classroom


Connect in the Educalme Community forum.

You don’t need to go at it alone. Collaborate with like-minded teachers in our supportive and helpful community


Feel confident teaching mindfulness.

Watch the teacher training videos to create your Educalme Classroom Success Plan so that you can comfortably teach your students to self-regulate.

A third-party evaluation of Educalme Classroom demonstrated that this program improves self-regulation, focus, resilience, classroom management and more.

Empower students to manage their own emotions and behaviours.
Ground yourself so you can be there for your students.

Why Sara loves Educalme Classroom
Why students love Educalme Classroom
Why Maria loves Educalme Classroom

How to use your Educalme Classroom Membership

With your Educalme Classroom membership, you get everything you need to easily practice mindfulness with your K-12 students for the entire year. Simply log in, press play, and co-regulate.

The Core Practice

Schedule Educalme Classroom into your daily routine. Listen to 2 or 5 minute audio recordings daily. No need to facilitate. You get to participate in the practice and ground yourself to model self-regulation and to hold space for your students (AKA enjoy much needed self-care during your school day!).

  • Learn concrete self-regulation strategies.
  • Develop gratitude, growth mindset, kindness, compassion and self-awareness.
  • Return to calm to prepare for effective teaching and focused learning.
  • Go from creating a trauma-sensitive to a trauma-restorative classroom.
  • Promote emotional health.
  • Learn alongside your students: No need for costly release time, substitute prep or professional development.
  • Bonus: Add movement to your practice with our Mindful Movement videos.

The Optional Supporting Resources

Dive deeper into social-emotional learning. Link the core practice to your regular teaching curriculum with ready-to-use printables. No prep required.

  • Build a supportive classroom culture with our discussion prompts.
  • Deepen your students’ understanding with our reflection booklets.
  • Choose the difficulty level that supports your inclusive classroom.
  • Foster creativity and cultivate a compassionate classroom atmosphere as you link the core practice to your regular teaching curriculum (writing, representing and more) with our activities and projects.
  • Practice vocabulary and add visual reminders of what students are learning with our posters.

The Community

Connect in the Educalme Community forum.
You’re not alone.

  • Collaborate with like-minded and supportive teachers.
  • Get helpful suggestions from teachers that care.
  • Celebrate your wins and share strategies that have worked for you with the Educalme Community.

Bonus: Professional Development & Support

  • Take advantage of learning opportunities with our free training videos. (But know that you can jump right in without any training if that’s more your style.)
  • Email access to Kailey and Josianne, teachers and co-founders of Educalme, to support you and answer any questions you might have.

Your calm & focused classroom transformation plan

Daily, ready to use lessons for the entire school year.

Try the Educalme Classroom evidence-based online program for free.

Press play on the audio-guided mindfulness practices and integrate the optional supporting materials into your regular curriculum to deepen learning.

Sign up for Educalme Classroom. Gain full access to the core daily mindfulness practices, the optional supporting resources and the community for the whole year. Thrive in a calm learning environment.


What teachers and students think about Educalme Classroom

Ready to thrive in a calm and focused learning atmosphere?

Choose the Educalme Program that’s right for you.

What makes Educalme Classroom unique?

Find out why teachers prefer Educalme Classroom over other programs out there.

  • Educalme Classroom is a trauma-informed program made by experienced teachers for the realities of the classroom.


  • Unlike other programs that require professional development, release time, lesson planning and preparations, Educalme Classroom is plug and play.


  • The evidence-based program fits easily into your school day and creates a positive mental hygiene routine.

  • New materials get added into the program periodically based on teacher requests (You ask for it, we create it!).


  • Educalme Classroom proactively supports classroom management by increasing self-regulation and by providing strategies that can be used throughout the day to restore calm and focus.


  • Educalme Classroom is fully bilingual (English & French).

  • Teachers can participate and learn alongside their students. You don’t need training on mindfulness or social-emotional learning to use this proven program confidently.


  • Educalme Classroom provides you and your students with a daily, no prep exercise for the entire school year. You know that every single day when you get to school, you will have a lesson prepared and ready to go!


  • You gain precious class time: Educalme Classroom gives you and your students coping strategies and common vocabulary to return to calm and focus quickly – Transition time and time spent on conflict resolution is reduced.

Still have questions?

Contact us with your questions or request to book an information session.

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