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Invite Kailey Lefko from Educalme to Elevate Your Next Professional Development Event!

Meet Kailey, an educator, co-founder of Educalme, and co-host of The Balanced Educator Podcast. With a wealth of experience in education, Kailey is a dynamic workshop facilitator and engaging keynote speaker who has delivered transformative professional development sessions across Canada and internationally.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kailey is readily available for in-person workshops in the Winnipeg area, and she also offers virtual sessions accessible from anywhere. Additionally, she is open to travelling for events, subject to additional arrangements and costs.

Discover Kailey’s top three sought-after workshops below! 👇

How to Create a Daily Mental Hygiene Routine in Your Classroom that Supports Student AND Teacher Well-Being

In this workshop, you will learn how to plan short yet powerful activities into your classroom routine that allow you and your students to regulate your emotions, get your brains and bodies ready for effective teaching and learning, and develop coping strategies for all of life’s challenges. You will leave the presentation with ready-to-use resources that will allow you to take a proactive approach to mental health and well-being for everyone in your classroom (including you!).

Simple and Effective Habits for Reducing Teacher Stress and Improving Well-Being

In this presentation, you will learn how emotion and stress function in the body and how they impact your ability to teach effectively. Then, you will experience a variety of short and effective practices that help to reduce stress. Finally, you will develop a personal plan to integrate practices within your school day that will help you to feel balanced all year long. You will leave the presentation with tools and strategies for creating habits that will lead to more joy and balance in your teaching career.

Using Educalme as a Tool for Supporting Social, Emotional and Academic Growth

In this workshop, you will experience a guided mindfulness practice and learn how mindfulness supports learning and well-being. You will also learn how to share mindfulness with your students, giving them the tools, strategies and common vocabulary to manage emotions and behaviours.

During this workshop, you will learn how to use both our free and paid versions of Educalme to help your students’ brains and bodies be ready for calm and focused learning. You will leave the workshop with a clear plan, ready-to-use resources, and the confidence to implement this program right away to support your students’ social, emotional and academic growth.

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Hear What Teachers, Administrators, and Educational Specialists Are Saying About Educalme Workshops

“Excellent presentation. Kailey held a very comfortable and warm space for all. Practical tools were handed out and explored within the session. Definitely highlight of the conference for me. Merci!”


“I appreciated the information about mindfulness and how to incorporate it into my personal and professional life.”

“I liked the step-by-step presentation, everything was well detailed and explained, ready to use in the classroom.”


“Thank you so much for the sublime presentation. The entire staff was thrilled! Your programming perfectly complements our school plan objectives for the next 2 years. You are an inspiration for a promising future.”


“Amazing session! Amazing resource! Excited to share what I learned with my colleagues!”


“I both enjoyed and learned a lot from this session! Thank you, Kailey, for sharing your knowledge, advice, strategies, and teaching experiences with us. Your answers to all of our questions were very helpful!”

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