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Resources for a Successful Classroom Mindfulness Practice

Everything you need to get started right away. No prep required!
The Dos and the Don’ts of Starting a Classroom Mindfulness Practice E-book

Save this ebook to refer back to key points taught in the webinar above. Simplify your path to success!

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5-Finger Breathing Poster

Use this poster to teach the 5-Finger Breathing Strategy to your students. Inhale as you trace up your fingers, exhale as you trace down.

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Hang it up in your classroom as a tool to remind students (and adults too!) to regulate their emotions by breathing mindfully.

The Balanced Educator Podcast

Our intention is to equip busy teachers with concrete, practical strategies to empower them and their students to feel more calm, balanced and joyful both in and out of the classroom.

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Educalme Membership

The online, bilingual (English & French) evidence-based social-emotional learning and mindfulness program, Educalme, teaches your students how to manage their emotions and behaviours so that you can both thrive in a calm and focused learning atmosphere. As the teacher, there is no need to facilitate. You get to participate and benefit from the program too!

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