Jacaranda Snow Lesson and Resource Toolkit

This lesson and resource toolkit goes with the book Jacaranda Snow – make sure you have your copy of the book handy as you go through this course with your kiddos!

This Jacaranda Snow lesson and resource toolkit includes:

  • An easy to follow, step-by-step lesson plan.
  • An audio-guided mindfulness practice that is five-minutes long.
  • A worksheet to reflect on the “Not yet, but one day” mindset.
  • A Jacaranda Snow Breathing poster to put up as a visual reminder to breathe in the classroom.
  • A Not yet, but one day poster to put up as a visual reminder to adopt a growth mindset.

Click on the links below to download the lesson materials.

Here is everything you need to know (and more) before you start the Jacaranda Snow lesson.
Sit comfortably and press play!
Here is the optional student reflection worksheet.
Here are the posters that go with this lesson.
Bonus: Practice being grateful for everything you already have in your life with this worksheet!

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