Do you sometimes feel like it’s impossible to meet your students’ diverse social-emotional needs AND your own needs as a teacher?
Do you leave at the end of your school day exhausted, yet wishing that could have done more?
Do you feel like there’s never enough time in your day?

We were there too. We were facing burnout. We felt like we couldn’t meet our students’ needs AND find calm, balance and joy in our own lives.

Until we discovered mindfulness – a heavily studied and proven way to reduce stress and anxiety.

This practice taught us to appreciate the moment, to manage our emotions, and it helped us to become more resilient – a necessary trait of effective teachers. Prioritizing ourselves first helped us to become the awesome teachers we wanted to be.

Our transformations inspired us to start practicing mindfulness with our students ​who often came to school stressed, worried, and unable to concentrate on academics.

The problem was…

We couldn’t find a program made by teachers for the classroom that ACTUALLY worked and ​we became dissatisfied trying to piece together mindfulness lessons from different sources that didn’t fit together. ​In addition, we taught in a French immersion setting and needed a bilingual program. Mission impossible.

Frustrated by this lack of quality resources, we decided to create Educalme Classroom, a beginning-to-end mindfulness program that meets student needs and takes the guesswork out of integrating social-emotional learning in the classroom.

We tested Educalme Classroom in our own classrooms and piloted it in many others, tweaked and improved it until it produced results.

We’re so happy to share this transformative program with other teachers like you!

We are passionate about helping teachers create a focused, calm, well-managed and healthy learning environment using Educalme Classroom, ​our online, bilingual (English/French) classroom mindfulness program.rnrnrnEducalme Classroom teaches students to self-regulate so that they can manage their own emotions and behaviours, and teachers can get back to doing what they truly love, teach.rnrnPlus, teachers love that with Educalme Classroom there’s no prep required!rnrnAt Educalme, our mission is to support our amazing community of caring teachers as they set the foundation for a promising and positive future for their students, one Educalme Classroom practice at a time.

Learn strategies that empower you to feel more calm, balanced and joyful both in and out of the classroom on The Balanced Educator Podcast

“These girls know how to keep it real on all topics (but not limited to) mindfulness, self-care, classroom management and meditation! I’ve been gaining some huge take-aways to help me bring mindfulness into my own classroom and personal daily life! Thank you both!!” – Carolina, grade 1 teacher

Hi, I’m Kailey

  • I have a B.Sc. (concentrations in Biology and Microbiology), B.Ed., and vinyasa and yin yoga teacher certifications.
  • I have experience teaching in high school (Science, Biology and Psychology) and middle school (all subjects) in a French Immersion setting.
  • Before becoming a teacher, I was a babysitter, a tutor, a volleyball coach, a camp counselor and an Educational Assistant.
  • I’m very interested in the mind-body connection and how emotions influence learning and performance I am always learning more about these subjects through professional development.
  • I love sharing what I’m learning with other teachers on The Balanced Educator Podcast and when I lead Educalme professional development workshops.
  • I practice mindfulness meditation daily and my favourite self-care activities are stand up paddle boarding or snowshoeing with my dogs Nova and Juno.

Hi, I’m Josianne

  • I have a B.A. (concentrations in French and Psychology), B.Ed., PBDE (concentration in Special Education) and a yoga teacher certification.
  • I have experience teaching elementary and middle school (grades 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 all subjects) and high school (French & English Language Arts, and Psychology) in a French immersion setting.
  • Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a Childcare Worker with children aged 2-8 and as an Educational Assistant for students with developmental disabilities and autism.
  • I’m always expanding my knowledge on how to incorporate mindfulness and meet social-emotional needs in the classroom through professional development.
  • I’m passionate about creating transdisciplinary, inclusive and engaging social-emotional learning lessons for Educalme.
  • I practice mindfulness meditation daily and my favourite self-care activity is taking my dog Bo for a run or a hike.

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