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The No-Prep Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness Activities Ebook

Grab your free ebook for the K-12 classroom with 8 beautiful social-emotional learning posters for you and your students to enjoy (and so you can all remember to breathe!)!

Co-regulate with concrete mindful strategies and enjoy a calm classroom atmosphere.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom

Join us for a free online workshop for K-12 teachers and grab your free ebook!

You will learn exactly how to equip your students to manage their emotions and behaviours through mindfulness, concrete strategies for teaching self-regulation in the classroom, and the dos and don’ts of teaching mindfulness (so you can avoid making the same mistakes we made when we first started in our own classrooms!).

Learn the dos and don’ts with us!

The Focus Mindfulness Lesson Plan

Make classroom management easier by downloading this free easy-to-use social-emotional learning lesson for K-12 classrooms that will explicitly teach your students focus strategies in a systematic and efficient way.

Help your students focus on their academic learning and increase their problem solving skills.

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Growth Mindset & Mindfulness Coloring Pages (+ Posters)

Create a calm classroom environment with 5 growth mindset and mindfulness coloring pages for kids and bonus posters. These are great for bulletin boards, as classroom decor, in a calm down corner and more!

This resource includes the 5 following positive affirmations in both coloring page and poster format: I am calm, I am strong, I am kind, I am capable, and I can do hard things.

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Hi there, Nice to Meet You!

We’re Kailey and Josianne, Teachers and Founders of Educalme

We’ve been in the field of education for 10+ years. We understand very well the realities of the classroom and the challenges that teachers and students face both in and out of the classroom (because…we live them everyday!). We couldn’t find an online program in response to the rise in anxiety and stress in the classroom for both students AND teachers that ACTUALLY worked in the real life classroom, so we set out to develop it ourselves.

Educalme was launched in 2017. We tested it in our own classrooms and piloted it for two years in K-12 classrooms across North America, and tweaked and improved it based on the data we collected. In 2020, a third-party evaluation was done on Educalme and it demonstrated that this program improves self-regulation, focus, resilience, classroom management and much more.

Now, thousands of students and teachers have transformed their school days thanks to Educalme, the program made by teachers for the modern classroom!

Teachers choose to use Educalme in their classrooms to improve both student and teacher wellbeing because…

✔️ Educalme does not require professional development, release time, lesson planning or preparations, which makes it a very affordable option (both in terms of money & time!). It is designed so that K-12 teachers learn alongside their students by pressing “play” on the pre-recorded audio lessons.


✔️ Educalme is completely bilingual (English and French), which makes it the perfect resource for English, French or French Immersion classrooms.


✔️ Educalme is a trauma-sensitive, year-long program that allows students and teachers to co-regulate with daily self-care practices and learn concrete skills for emotional wellness and mental health.


✔️ Educalme creates a positive daily mental hygiene routine that gives teachers and students coping strategies and common vocabulary to return to calm and focus quickly, so less time is wasted on classroom management, and more time is dedicated to teaching the curriculum.

Educalme is a proactive and systematic approach for preventing overwhelm and burnout, while preparing minds and bodies for effective teaching and learning every single day of the school year.


The hardest part of starting something new in the classroom is… starting. That’s why teachers love that with the evidence-based Educalme program they get everything they need to get started with success (including an introductory video) right away, no training or prep required! 🙌

Simply sign up (no credit card required!), click play and enjoy a mindful moment WITH your students! See how this daily co-regulation practice transforms your classroom atmosphere.

Join thousands of other teachers thriving in calm and focused classrooms thanks to Educalme!

And just so you know, your free trial never expires, which means you’ll be able to use it for years to come. So what are you waiting for?

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Why Teachers & Students Love Educalme

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