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How to Create a Daily Mental Hygiene Routine in your Classroom that Supports Student AND Teacher Well-being — Links & Information

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At Educalme, we believe in taking a proactive and systematic approach to mental health and well-being for students and their teachers. Educalme is an evidence-based, online social-emotional learning program for K-12 classrooms that improves student mental health, self-regulation and academic achievement. It is fully bilingual (English and French) and does not require any professional development, release time or preparations. Teachers who use Educalme in their classrooms get to participate in the research-backed program and continuously see positive transformations in both themselves and their students.

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Click the link below if you would like to view the slides from the How to Create a Daily Mental Hygiene Routine in your Classroom that Supports Student AND Teacher Well-being presentation.

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Educalme Free Resources Library

Do you want to share Educalme’s large growing library of free mental health and well-being resources for Canadian K-12 classrooms with your network of educators?

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Do you want to learn more about the Educalme program and how it helps teachers and their students thrive in a respectful, calm and focused learning environment? Learn more here!

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