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Social-Emotional Learning: How to Teach it Remotely

How can we be there for our students in these times of heightened anxiety, worry and stress without being physically in the same space as them? What about addressing their social-emotional needs?

As teachers, we are currently facing the reality of remote teaching and learning… Just when students need tools and strategies to manage their emotions the most.

How do we continue to support our students’ needs from a distance?

What resources do we use?

How will we ever explain to parents how to teach this to their kids?

Navigating all of this can be so overwhelming! 🤯


To make this transition a bit easier, we invite you to join our free online training. You will learn exactly how to continue to help them face life’s challenges… from a distance and without having to lift a finger!

Watch the free online workshop now!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to support students in their SEL through mindfulness remotely
  • Learn how to use our free, complete and ready-to-use social-emotional learning program for remote teaching and learning
  • Receive an email template and tutorial video that you can send to parents with instructions on how to use the Educalme Classroom Free Trial at home.

Plus, we created a new, never shared before writing activity in English and French that you can assign to your students (kill two birds with one stone – SEL support and writing!)!

But wait, there’s more!

It doesn’t stop there! We will also be sharing a Flower Petal Breathing poster for Spring and a Five-Finger Breathing poster. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’ll find out at the workshop! All we can say is, this workshop will be practical and applicable to your current situation. We know because we’re in it too!.

Learn exactly how to continue to help your students through their ups and downs.

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