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100. Mindfulness and Mindful Movement with Stéphanie Van der Linde

Teaching mindfulness to your students, no matter what subject you teach, helps them to gain the skills they need to be effective learners.
In this episode, Stephanie van der Linde, elementary and middle school Physical Education teacher, shares how she teaches mindfulness using the Educalme program, and how she incorporates mindfulness with movement.
Stephanie shares how she adapts the program to different age groups, how she attaches the program to Phys. Ed. curriculum, how she incorporates student choice in the Educalme practice and which resources in the Educalme program she uses at different times and with different grades.
No matter what subject or grade you teach, you will learn so many practical tips from Stephanie for how to successfully share mindfulness with your students using Educalme. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How having our own self-regulation toolkit as teachers has a positive domino effect on our students
  • How to incorporate mindfulness in the physical education class – Don’t be fooled, the information you learn here is also SO helpful for the regular classroom!
  • About mindfulness across different grade levels and the long term impact
  • How to teach about physiology through SEL
  • The skills students can acquire through mindfulness
  • How to structure this practice in the gym
  • How our thoughts can impact our performance as athletes

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