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143. How to Talk to Kids About Complex Social Justice Issues with Shelby Kretz from Little Justice Leaders

How can we talk to kids about complex social justice issues in an age-appropriate way… And without watering down the realities of the issues?

Oftentimes, kids have no issue understanding and being comfortable with these concepts. It’s often adults who need help to facilitate conversations.

So how can adults get to the point where they feel comfortable talking about really important issues with kids: topics like racism, sexism, human rights, and all the intersections that lie within?

In this episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’ve invited Shelby Kretz to teach us how. Shelby is an educational researcher at UCLA and creator of Little Justice Leaders subscription box. Little Justice Leaders is a monthly box for parents and teachers of elementary school students, which provides resources each month to learn about a new topic of social justice.

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