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170. Time Management Strategies to Prevent Teacher Burnout with Shawna Lapointe

Is there a way to live your best life without constantly feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?

Learn how to improve your work-life balance and avoid teacher burnout with these time management tips from Shawna Lapointe of Too Busy Livin’.

In this episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re interviewing Shawna Lapointe, teacher, entrepreneur, and mom of 4. Shawna shares concrete strategies that will help you leave work at work and enjoy your time at home to the fullest.

Shawna will teach you:

  • an important question you need to ask yourself in order to maintain work-life balance.
  • strategies she uses to complete all her work during contractual hours – no planning or grading at home in the evenings!
  • time management skills she uses at home to reduce the burden of cooking and cleaning, freeing up more time to enjoy her family.
  • meal-prep tips that will help you save time and ensure you eat what you love without wasting energy.

By the end of this episode, you’ll have simple and powerful strategies that you can start using right away to prevent teacher burnout and improve work-life balance!


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