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TBE #022: Making Sense of Mindfulness with Keith Macpherson Part 2

In this episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re continuing our interview with Keith Macpherson. Keith is a mindfulness trainer, life coach and author of the new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness. Through his work in the field of mindfulness, Keith has created a five principal framework to assist the masses in comprehending the buzzword “mindfulness” and integrate this practice into their daily lives.

Aside from his work in mindfulness, Keith is also known as a professional musician, most notably being a top finalist on the hit television series, Canadian Idol. As a professional speaker, presenter and musician, Keith has spent over twenty years touring globally in countries including Canada, The United States, Mexico, Africa, Dubai and The United Kingdom.

He is currently a regular columnist in The Balance Magazine and inspires thousands of people around the world with his daily intentions on social media.

In this episode, Keith explains the five principles in his mindfulness framework.

Principle 1: Everything begins as an inner dream.

Principle 2: Expose the saboteur.

Principle 3: Open your mind.

Principle 4: Be mindFULLY aware.

Principle 5: I am.

Show notes:

You can purchase Keith’s book here: Making Sense of Mindfulness

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Kailey and Josianne

Making Sense of Mindfulness with Keith Macpherson Part 2:

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