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TBE #026: Going Zero Waste with Amelia Barnes

In this episode of The Balanced Educator podcast, we are chatting with Amelia Barnes on a topic that has been of high interest for us here at Educalme, zero-waste living. Through our mindfulness journey, we have also become more mindful of the waste we produce and we are working toward zero-waste living.

Amelia Barnes is a mother, yoga teacher and creator of Prana Vida, an eco-friendly and made in Canada clothing line that is known for exceeding ALL your expectations. Her leggings have received over 450 raving five star reviews and are designed to help women feel comfortable in their bodies through all stages of life and body fluctuations, including pregnancy and postpartum. Her new collection of Eucalyptus leggings is taking the sustainability and conscious clothing revolution to new heights, flowing perfectly with her own recent shift to a mindful zero waste and vegan lifestyle which she loves sharing with the world.

In today’s episode, Amelia defines zero-waste living and she talks about what is actually happening with the waste we produce. Some of the information we learn from Amelia is shocking!

She chats about the importance of reducing plastic rather than simply recycling it, since most plastics don’t actually get recycled.

She shares how to get started with zero-waste living. She lists a few resources we can use and stores where we can shop.

She also talks about her new AMAZING line of leggings, which are made out of lyocell and are more environmentally friendly. They are the absolute best leggings on the planet, and we at Educalme can vouch for that as we each have a few pairs!

Show notes

Find Amelia’s new line of leggings here:

Find Amelia’s online yoga classes here:

Learn all about going zero waste here:

Purchase your Yimby for backyard composting here:

An article on Tencel sustainability:

All about breaking down the differences between wood cellulose fibres:

Buy a keychain straw here:

Purchase Keith’s book here: Making Sense of Mindfulness

(We love Keith’s book and we think you will get tons of value from reading it! When you purchase Keith’s book through this link, we will receive a commission for referring you at no extra cost to you. How cool is that? We share what we love, you benefit from an awesome book and a portion of the sales helps to support our podcast.)

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Going Zero Waste with Amelia Barnes:

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