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TBE #032: Mindfulness in the Classroom with Danielle Lefko

In this week’s episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re talking to Danielle Lefko about how she taught mindfulness in her kindergarten class last year and about how she plans to use Educalme Classroom in her new classroom this year with her grade 8 students.

Danielle talks about how she used Introduction to Mindfulness in her classroom and how she set her students up for success. She shares what worked and what didn’t work and gave some great ideas for how we can teach mindfulness to the younger grades.

Danielle shares about the importance of making the mindfulness practice a daily routine in order to see progress and she explains how she has scheduled mindfulness into her timetable for this year.

Danielle gives some great advice for any teachers that are thinking about starting a mindfulness practice in their classrooms but are still on the fence.

This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to start a mindfulness practice in their classroom and is looking for tips on how to make the practice a success.

Show notes:

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Mindfulness in the Classroom with Danielle Lefko:

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