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TBE #040: How Kailey is Finding Balance Teaching Full Time and Running Educalme at Once!

In this episode of The Balanced Educator podcast, we’re simply catching you up on what we’ve been up to now that we’ve both been back in the classroom for awhile!

We mostly focus on Kailey’s news: She’s back in the classroom full time and is teaching a grade 5 classroom!

We chat about what lead her to this position. We talk about interdisciplinary teaching and how well it can work in the elementary classroom. We chat about how fun it is that we’re teaching the same grades and can bounce ideas off each other!

We talk about how Kailey practices self-care, how she juggles her full time teaching job and running our business.

We talk about our recent experience presenting at our provincial teaching conference, SAGE, and having a booth set up at an international conference, ACPI.

Show notes

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How Kailey is Finding Balance Teaching Full Time and Running Educalme at Once!:

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