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TBE #053: Coping with Anxiety as a Family with Melissa Russell

Today on The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re having Melissa Russell from Simple Lionheart Life on a second time, but this time, we’re talking about mindful parenting.

Melissa writes about creating a simpler, more intentional life by decluttering and embracing minimalism at Simple Lionheart Life. Minimalism and simplifying have had such a positive impact on Melissa’s life, giving her so much more time, space and freedom. So much so that she’s made it her mission to share the benefits of creating a simpler life. Melissa shares motivation, encouragement and practical advice to help people get rid of the clutter and create a life with less stuff and more living!

Melissa shares how she practices mindfulness in her own life and how she practices with her 4 and 7 year old kiddos.

She talks about how practicing mindfulness and learning concrete breathing strategies as a family has really helped them as they’ve gone through a challenging time.

She shares about her daughter’s journey in being diagnosed with anxiety and OCD and what’s helping her to work through it.

She talks about the importance of using humour and positivity in this journey!

Show notes:

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