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68. How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Taking Time for Yourself with Keith Macpherson

We all have an inner teacher, it’s called our intuition.

That part of you that just knows what’s right. Your gut instinct, your heart, your soul, that feeling of curiosity, of following your path, of being in the flow, your sixth sense, your inner knowing.

Our intuition is wise, peaceful and loving.

But in this busy and often chaotic life of being an educator, the voice of our intuition can easily get drowned out by the noise, the endless to-do list and the needs of others.

When we can no longer hear that guiding calmness of our intuition we are left feeling confused, frantic and like we’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off with no clarity on the direction we’re supposed to be going.

Have you ever felt this way? A little lost, overly busy, like you’re running on a treadmill, not really getting ahead.

We’ve all been there.

Here’s how to slow the crazy and get back to yourself:

Stop. Sit. Be quiet. Listen.

Simple but not necessarily easy.

Guilt creeps in and makes us feel like we don’t have the time to stop and listen to our inner voice. We don’t have the time to find the wise answer. We should be moving, going, doing. That guilt convinces us that we should keep on running blindfolded in hopes of somehow landing on our goals.

Intuition says. Shhhhh. Stop. Sit. Be quiet. Listen.

Intuition pulls the blindfold off and reveals the answer that has always been there. In your heart. In your gut.

Intuition shows you the most direct and easeful path, removes the clutter and gives you the space to have fun along the way.

So when you’re feeling stressed out…

Stop. Sit. Be quiet. Listen.

Guilt will try to stop you from following your heart. It will say “that is too easy, life needs to be hard”.

It is your job to honor the whisper. The voice, the feeling, the knowing inside of you that gently and oh-so-lovingly guides you to where you are meant to go.

As Keith Macpherson, mindfulness coach and author shared on this week’s episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast:

“Guilt is a distraction from our intuition. When we listen to our intuition, not our guilt, we end up earning more respect from the people around us, we end up being leaders in our community, we show others what’s possible when we listen fearlessly and unapologetically to our inner truth.”

May you have the courage to stop, be quiet, listen and follow your intuition.

With calm and appreciation,

Kailey and Josianne

If you would like to go into more depth on this topic, listen to this episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast.

Show notes:

Connect with Keith on his website at www.keithmacpherson.ca

Click here to download our free guided mindfulness practice to help you quiet your mind and tune in to your intuition.

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