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162. Six No Prep Breathing Exercises: Make Classroom Management Easier

Do you want to make classroom management easier for yourself and your students (and be able to focus better and enjoy your time in class together a whole lot more)?

In this short and sweet episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we share how to make classroom management easier by teaching your students emotional regulation through breathing exercises.

Specifically, you will learn 6 breathing exercises you can teach to your students that can then be added to your students’ coping skills toolbox. Plus, you’ll learn the secret to getting them to actually use those self-management skills on their own when they’re feeling a big emotion (if you listen to this education podcast often, you may already have an idea as to what it is!).

You will leave this episode with everything you need to start implementing these awesome teaching strategies right away and to create a well-managed, respectful and focused classroom environment.


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