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What is Mindfulness?

These past few years, we often hear the term “mindfulness”, but its definition isn’t always clear. So, what is mindfulness exactly?
Let’s use Justin as an example to define the meaning of mindfulness.
Justin lives mindfully meaning he is intentionally paying attention to his thoughts, actions and motivations in the present moment and in a non-judgemental way. When he practices mindfulness, he develops a deep connection with himself (self-awareness) and with the people that surround him.
To develop mindfulness, there are two major components:
  • The formal practice: practice mindfulness explicitly with a guided or self-guided exercise
  • The informal practice: applying what has been learned in the formal practice in everyday life
Since Justin has started his formal mindfulness practice, he feels much less stress and anxiety in his life. He is more empathetic, positive, kind and self-aware, and his mental health is much stronger. More and more, he responds calmly and efficiently to difficult situations. His life feels more balanced now, and he is happier! 

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Now, we invite you to take a deep breath with us.
With calm and gratitude,
Team Educalme

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