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TBE #012: An uplifting interview with Grade 2 teacher Janelle Laflèche

Today is an extra special day because we have our first awesome guest, Janelle Laflèche!

Janelle is a really, really amazing grade 2 teacher! She’s been doing Educalme in her classroom since September 2017!

Janelle talks about how her relationships give her light and joy and they energize her!

Janelle and Kailey talk about how as we are ageing, we get to know ourselves better and better and life seems to only get better as a result. It’s all about knowing what works for ourselves and doing the things that make us happy!

They chat about how education is an interesting career to choose because you yourself were a student once upon a time, and now you’re a teacher – which gives you the chance to think of the students’ perspective!

Janelle describes what mindfulness means to her and how she practices mindfulness in her life. Mindfulness can be practiced a million ways and we loved hearing Janelle sharing her take on it all!

She talks about how she loves the Educalme mindfulness practices that she does with her students and feels that their Educalme time is as important for her as it is for them.

Show notes:

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An uplifting interview with Grade 2 teacher Janelle Laflèche:

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