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TBE #014: What is Educalme Classroom?

Today on The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re bringing back Janelle Laflèche, a grade 2 teacher that teaches in a French school!

Janelle has been using École Educalme (Educalme Classroom in French) in her classroom since September 2017.

Janelle talks about how she implemented École Educalme in her classroom and how easy it was to start a mindfulness practice in her classroom! You just need to press play and voilà!

Her biggest hurdle in starting this practice was the how to implement this, and she explains that the answers were addressed in the actual audio-guided mindfulness practices in the subscription. She talks honestly about her students’ reaction to the practice.

Janelle explains what her Educalme routine looks like in her classroom.

She talks about how students use what they learned in their regular day. or example, when in a fight at recess, they’ll choose to breathe instead of reacting to the situation. This melts our hearts!

She talks about how her classroom has developed a common language when it comes to emotions so that they are all on the same page and understand each other.

She walks us through exactly what she does every day during her mindfulness practice with her students and how much they all love it!

This episode is perfect for anyone that is curious about what Educalme Classroom is and how to use it.

Show notes:

TBE #012: An uplifting interview with Grade 2 teacher Janelle Laflèche

Educalme Classroom École Educalme

Free Introduction to Mindfulness when you use the coupon code you heard in the episode at checkout. Introduction to Mindfulness is just one of the several and growing number of modules we have in our Educalme Classroom Subscription. Each module teaches mindfulness through the lens of a specific theme and continues to give students and their teachers new mindfulness tools and strategies.

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