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TBE #015: Why it’s Important to feel Negative Emotions

In today’s episode, we’re talking about why it’s important to feel negative emotion as it arises in order to move past the feeling and then get back into a positive feeling state. Often we try to ignore our negative feelings, which actually keeps us stuck.

In a mindfulness practice, we observe the present moment with non-judgement. This includes noticing when we are feeling a difficult emotion and observing it without trying to alter or change it. What’s interesting is that by observing the tough stuff, it tends to pass quicker than if we try to ignore the feelings.

We explain that holding uncomfortable feelings in takes a lot of our energy. The fear of feeling difficult emotions is actually more painful than allowing ourselves to just feel and release the feelings.

We talk about how all emotions pass, feeling a difficult emotion right now does not mean we will always feel this way. If we can sit and experience the physical sensations of the emotion we observe that the emotion passes quite quickly.

When we take time to meditate, it gives us the space to observe how we are feeling and notice if we are holding anything in. If we feel discomfort in our body, it is often caused by a thought-emotion pattern that we have been resisting.

We discuss different ways that we like to observe and release our negative emotions so that we can move forward and begin to create positive feeling emotions.

We discuss how we can support children when they are feeling difficult emotions.

We have two modules in Educalme Classroom that teach children and parents how to observe their emotions without judgement and allow them to pass.

This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to learn more about how to deal with negative emotions.

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With calm and appreciation,

Kailey and Josianne

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Episode 09: How our thoughts create our emotions

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Why it’s Important to feel Negative Emotions:

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