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77. Avoid Teacher Burnout: Shift Your Perspective to Feel More Calm, Balanced and Joyful in and out of the Classroom (Part 4 of 5)
TBE #063: Creating Smooth Transitions and Returning to Calm in the Classroom
TBE #060: 5 Fun Mindfulness Activities to Try in Your Classroom
TBE #055: Focusing on Student Needs before Academics with Jen Kreitz
TBE #034: 10 Ways to Infuse Mindfulness into the School Day
TBE #033: 5 Steps to Introducing Mindfulness in the Classroom with Josianne Barnabé
TBE #032: Mindfulness in the Classroom with Danielle Lefko
TBE #014: What is Educalme Classroom?
TBE #012: An uplifting interview with Grade 2 teacher Janelle Laflèche

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